Special Gravestone Made To Order

How to Appreciate a Loved One with a Special Gravestone Made To Order

Losing a loved one is never an easy thing though death is an inevitable part of life. During funerals, you might not have the perfect words to describe how much of an influence the deceased was in your life. However, you can make things easier by selecting a suitable gravestone(gravsteiner, gravstøtter) made to order that perfectly fits their personality and with a fitting epitaph. Information endorsed by gravstein oslo and gravstein professional company.

A Brief History of the Gravestone Made to Order

Grave markers have always been part of civilization. Initially, rocks were used to mark graves in homesteads but with time they evolved into more elaborate designs. Churchyards started using slate and sandstone between 1650 and 1890 and this tradition caught on with the rest of society. Public cemeteries started accepting gravestones with time.

Modern Incarnation of Gravestone Made To Order

The Victorian Era was renowned for its emphasis on customs and traditions to do with death. There were scintillating designs with elaborate heavenly bodies including the Star of David, Angel of Death, Maple leaf and other art forms that communicated sorrow. In the early 20th century, more materials evolved and today granite and bronze have become the exquisite choices for gravestones.

Choosing the Right Gravestone Made To Order

The best thing about modern gravestones is the fact that they can be customized. You can easily choose from myriad designs and styles and fit in any epitaph from the comfort of your home. You can easily design the headstone from the privacy of your home and send a sketch to a carving company for a unique gravestone made to order.

How do you make the best choice of a headstone for a loved one? Here are some considerations:
1. Consider the type: You can choose among upright, flat lying, kerbed and other designs.
2. Materials: There are multiple materials offered by designers including white marble, granite, limestone, and bronze. Each comes with its own texture and choice of colors to suit your unique needs.
3. Finishing: Again you have a wide range of finishing styles to choose from including polishes, part-polishing, honing for an egg shell smooth finish, frosted, among others. The manufacturer will advise on the finish based on the material being used.
4. Flexibility: A good gravestone made to order should allow for images and an epitaph describing the deceased’s
journey in life. You can include lines from poetry or Bible verses. The materials you choose should also allow for other features including moldings and contours to suit your unique needs.

A gravestone made to order is the perfect way to give a final farewell to a loved one. It gives the family a chance to reflect on the deceased’s lifetime as they choose the engraving and epitaph to use.